Our first aim is to get rid of as much as pathologic fat while keeping in mind the limits of safety and cosmetic consequences.

We use  a combination of “lymphatic-sparing”   cutting edge technologies that  makes it possible to remove fat in a gentler manner.

The mainstray of our treatment protocol is the SUPERDRY TECHNIQUE.

This is a   curative  liposuction  performed under tourniquet that improves functionality, pain, swelling, physical appearance, and the quality of life.

This approach goes one step further in the process of leg sculpting.

Cirsumferential lipoplasty of the lower leg is quite difficult  to obtain a good result.  Liposuction of some areas such as the lower extremity must be managed according to their peculiarities.The leg has only one layer of subcutaneous tissue, leaving little margin for error.

What you see at the end of the procedures is the result.  There is no swelling from the mechanical trauma.  One can examine the improvement on one side, compare it with  the untouched side, and then judge the final symmetry at the end of the procedure. It gives the surgeon a precise guideline to ensure that fat removal is essentially the same in both areas.

It is truly selective adipoaspiration. This technique aspirates pure fat with no blood.

This approach approach to leg sculpting is unlike anything else.

Surgeons follow guidelines that set a maximum extraction limit of 5,000 milliliters of fat. When more than 5 liters of fat are vacuumed, the body may undergo potentially dangerous fluid shifts with drops in blood pressure.

In our combination, We can increase the volume of fat removed during any one liposuction to 7-8 liters. If extensive body areas to be treated, it might be necessary to take several steps.

This  technique is far less invasive than standard liposuction and therefore there is less downtime and you get your results faster.   Being less invasive also means you have a lot less pain after your procedure. 

The fat cells are permanently extracted with a special, vibrating only 3mm thin, hollow needle. Blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves are not injured. 

In the superior part of the upper thigh, buttock, abdomen and upper extremities, we use  the technique of vaser liposuction.The procedure is tissue-selective, targeting fat while protecting other tissues from damage. The Vaser treatment uses ultrasound energy to break up fatty deposits in precisely targeted areas and is gentle to the surrounding tissue, nerves, blood vessels and veins to provide minimal disruption.   Vaser  also helps tighten the skin.

In preparation for surgery, and postoperatively, it is also important to continue with lymphatic support measures, such as compression and complete decongestive therapy.

If a lymphedema component exists prior to treatment, this component   may also improve or disappear after liposuction.

Dietary modifications   and exercise  prescription that focused on aerobic exercise, may be helpful in reducing nonlipedemic fat and reducing inflammation, which can improve the patients overall health and wellness before and after the procedures.

A third surgical treatment method involves excision of large localized deposits of lipoedematous tissue as a debulking procedure.

Those deposits can form in lipoedematous areas on the legs and cause serious mechanical difficulties, such as valgus deformity of the knees or even a complete inability to walk. Even though the less invasive approach of liposuction should typically be the surgeon’s first choice, debulking surgery can be considered in more complicated and advanced cases. In cases of severe mechanical limitations, longitudinal debulking excision may be the only treatment.