As a renowned sculptor aesthetic surgeon, Prof.Dr. Karacalar nurtured his artistic talents through the years and utilizes them as an artist as well as a surgeon.His expertise in creating natural, non-operated looking results is credited not only to his experience and surgical finesse, but also to his artistic talent. These artistic gifts and eye for aesthetic harmony are keys to creating beautiful, natural looking results in aesthetic surgery.Dr. Karacalar has gained expertise in all aspects of Aesthetic Surgery over the last 20 years.

He prefers the holistic approach to create a satisfied patient. His team assess your overall health, motivations, perhaps even your social environment, so we may better understand you. He uses the latest techniques, while customizing the procedures to fit your specific needs.
As a leader in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, he is known as the inventor of so many techniques which are published in international journals. (articles)
This allows the preservation of a youthful appearance without resorting to unnecessary surgery or over-correction, thus enabling the patient to look younger longer.
He believes “the goal of modern plastic surgery is to preserve a youthful appearance when possible, and to restore only when necessary to achieve a natural-looking harmonious result”
He holds patient safety a priority. Safety and the well being of his patients remain his top concerns. He treats each patient with the utmost respect, dignity and understanding.
His team offers Aesthetic & Tourism concept and programme in Turkey where Europe and Asia meet and the three continents Asia, Africa and Europe, are closest to one another. This all-inclusive programme combines both aesthetic surgery and travel and leisure. They aim to see the smiles on the faces of their guests and the acknowledgement that they have made a difference in their lives.
He designs aesthetic and ergonomic surgical instruments.
He is also author of two celebrated books, one on the “Amazonizm, breast and aesthetic”, the other on “Amazons and scream of matriarchy”.

Wiki: https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazonlar

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